Work Privately with Jennifer to Create Your Personalized 'Income Acceleration Plan'.

Imagine having a crystal-clear "Income Acceleration Plan" for your marketing, as well as your overall practice-building...

Eliminate the guesswork in your marketing and create a strategic plan to grow your business when you enroll in a Private Intensive with Jennifer Sneeden. You'll get answers to your burning questions, solve your most frustrating marketing challenges, and create a "Income Acceleration Plan" to help you build the practice of your dreams.

These Private Intensives are one of my most popular offerings, but because they are so time intensive, I only take on two per month.


A private intensive allows success-oriented therapists to immediately accelerate to a whole new level of income, impact, and accomplishment.

This is done in a 3-hour private coaching session with Jennifer Sneeden, LMFT. These sessions can be done face-to-face at her office in Delray Beach, FL, by phone, or online. 

You’ll co-create the agenda, based on your most pressing needs for your practice. As we work through these issues, we’ll be creating your Income Acceleration Plan, which will catapult you to higher levels of success in less time than you thought possible.

After the intensive, you’ll never have to wonder, “What should I be doing?”, or “Am I doing this right?” You’ll have an effective marketing system that you can easily implement to put yourself on the fast track to more clients, more income, and the practice of your dreams.

While you help create the agenda, here are a few things you can expect from the intensive:

“Thank you, Jennifer, for the extremely helpful coaching you provided me.  My practice is growing prosperously, and I am now adding an exciting new business. I credit you for a big part of why I am here now!”

Ann McNeil, LCSW, CST

Perfect For All Skill Levels

Whether you are just starting out in your practice, and needing to gain clarity and marketing skills, or if you are already successful, and need to fine tune, a Private Intensive is perfect for you. It will eliminate all the guesswork from your marketing so you can acheive maximum results in the shortest amount of time.

Practice Transformation

The feedback I hear most from clients after a Private Intensive is that it is "transformative". Why? Because often we can't see what's standing in our own way. It takes outside guidance to move through obstacles. That's what allows you to achieve so much in such a short period of time.

A Word From Jennifer

“I love doing Private Intensives. Something magical happens when a therapist and I are co-creating a Success Blueprint for their practices.

It's not uncommon for my most successful clients to find it so valuable that they do 1 or 2 Private Intensives with me each year.”